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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


About our pension

City pension is a strange name but what is the difference from a hotel?
Consider a pension more like a guest house. We have the functional benefits of a hotel such as comfortable rooms and the special warm service and respite a Japanese-style hotel can provide. We remove wasteful excess costs, however, to ensure the price is as cheap as possible. This is our city pension.

Since this is a family business, we close the front reception from 11 at night to 7 in the morning. We personally live in the hotel, so please feel at ease and let us know in case of any emergency.

What is the origin of Zem’s name?
Our predecessor drew from wisdom in the Zen Buddhist Takuan Souhou’s gatha.
Souhou says that by freeing oneself from relative knowledge and attachment of judgment, such as right and wrong, you will reach enlightened ground on which you have forgotten learning, status, and attachments. Our predecessor really liked the philosophy “Ze mo mata yume, hi mo mata yume“, that is, “Yes (ze) is also a dream (yume: mu), non (hi) is also a dream (yume: mu)”. Perhaps the meaning is especially hard to convey in English, but those words are the reason why we named our hotel Zem (ze + mu).
Takuan Zen master Tensho 1, December 1 (1573, Dec, 24)- Shoho 2, December 11 (1646, Jan, 27)
What advantages does Zem present?
My grandparents started manufacturing and selling paint in the year Showa 10 (1935).

In 1983(Showa 58), we had our paint company and headquarters here in Nihonbashi, and when the Tokyo City Air Terminal was opened there were no hotels. Our company could not possess flammable items in our warehouse since the fire protection law was revised, so our parents saw an opportunity and the potential of the site and took the initiative, establishing this accommodation business.

In recent times, it is common for newly opened hotels to have complicated operations, wherein ownership, funding, management, and daily operations are all distinct. That is not the way we wish to operate. We run this business stably with traditional values as a family business.

1982 Our hotel during construction
What disadvantages does Zem present?
When we opened this business, about 40 years ago, my predecessor was proud to boast the modern facilities of a city hotel…but time has passed and people may rank more like this:

city hotels > newly opened business hotels > business hotels established in the Showa period (including our hotel) > guesthouses and Airbnb such as dormitories with bunk beds

It is true that we have only one elevator, which may sometimes keep you waiting for a while. Facilities such as sound isolation can make for an unfavorable comparison with more modern hotels.



Is there a parking lot?
f you are coming to our pension by car, we will guide you to a nearby parking lot.
Please click here for details.
May I park a bike or a bicycle?
Yes, you can. Please feel free to contact us.
Is this close to the station?
It has great access to all over Toyko via 3 Tokyo Metro stations and 4 lines.
Please click here for more details.
How do you get to Zem from Haneda Airport and Narita Airport?
【By train】
You can go to both airports from Ningyocho Station on the Toei Asakusa Line (a 10-minute walk from our hotel).

【By limousine bus】
It is very convenient to go to both airports by direct limousine bus from Tokyo City Air Terminal. It is only 200m from our hotel to Tokyo City Air Terminal.

How do you get to Zem from Tokyo Station?
【By train (subway)】
You need to go to “Otemachi” Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line (one station from Tokyo Station to Otemachi Station). Then you change train to the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line and get off the train at “Suitengumae” Station. It is a 5-minute walk from Suitengumae Station to our hotel.

【By taxi】
It takes about 10 minutes from Yaesu exit, Tokyo Station by taxi (about 1000 yen).

【By circuit buses】
There are circuit buses (both free and paid ) around Zem.
Metro link Nihonbashi (free)EDOBUS (paid)

Is it close to Tokyo City Air Terminal?
It is only 200m from our hotel to Tokyo City Air Terminal.
Please click here for more details.

Is it close to Tokyo Disneyland?
【By car】
You can exit at Kasai I.C. Metropolitan Expressway. Go straight and you will see the sign.

<A few words from Zem’s owner>
This is my personal experience as Zem’s owner. If you depart from Zem’s parking lot during the daytime on a weekday, it will take around 30 minutes to get to the parking lot at Tokyo Disney Resort. On the way back, it will take at least around 30 minutes, and it will take longer if there is traffic.

【By train】
You need to take a train from Ningyocho Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and get off at the second stop which is Haccho Bori Station ( 3 minutes). From there you take a train from Haccho Bori Station to Maihama Station (in front of Disney Resort) on JR (about 14 minutes). You can take rapid trains from each each station if you prefer. It may take around 30 minutes from Zem’s gate to Maihama Station including time for changing trains.

<A few words from Zem’s owner>
I often use the train recently. I often go to IKSPIARI (shopping mall in Tokyo Disney Resort) to have a meal with my family and a drink, so I come back home by taxi from Haccho Bori Station. It costs about 1000 yen from Haccho Bori Station to Zem.
Click here to get to know the way to Disneyland from Zem.


Check in/ Check out

What payment methods are available?
Please pay with cash or by credit card.
Is it okay to use a credit card?
Yes. We can handle all major credit card companies.
What time is check in and check out?
Check in is 15:00. Check out is 12:00.

You can check in and leave your baggage from 7:00 on the morning of your stay. Please feel free to contact us.

Is there a curfew?
There is no curfew after your check-in and keep your access card with you.

We have relied on magnetic stripe key cards to allow checked-in guests entrance to the hotel after 23:00 via the automatic doors.

If I arrive at Zem early, can I check in and leave my baggage?
The room is available from 15:00 (you can use your room with additional fee charge). Check in can be done after 7:00 in the morning if you want.

Please come to Zem once for check in. We will provide you with your room key. Once you checked-in there is no curfew and you can come and go as you please.

Is it okay to leave my baggage after check in?
Of course, we accept your baggage until 23:00 on the evening of your stay.

If you want to keep your baggage more than one day, please contact the front.

I would like to extend my stay.
It costs 10% of the room price per extended hour until 15:00.
You have to pay one night’s fee after 15:00. Please understand that we cannot accept your request if our reservations are full.
After coming back from abroad, I would like to check in in the morning and sleep.
Please tell us about it when you book a room.

We handle your request as best as we can, however, we cannot accommodate your request if our reservations are full.

Early check in additional charge
Check in from 7:00 to 12:00 50% of the room price
Check in from 12:00 to 12:00 30% of the room price

I will be late to check in (after 23:00) because of work commitments.
I am afraid that we would like all customers to finish your check in before 23:00 in Zem.

You can check in after 7:00 in the morning. Once you arrive in Tokyo, please come to Zem and check in to receive a card key and leave your baggage. Many people do that.

There is no curfew once you have a card key with you, even if you are late for coming back from your business.

What is the discount for continuous stay?
We clean a room and change the bed sheets and pajamas according to the length of your stay.

If you stay in a room from 2 nights to 3 nights, there is no room cleaning.
If you stay in a room from 4 nights to 6 nights, we do room cleaning once a week.
If you stay in a room more than 7 nights, we do room cleaning twice a week.

We will give a customer back the cost of cleaning spared by their stay length. We change your towels and collect your trash daily.


Guest rooms・Accommodation

Is it okay for a woman to stay by herself?
The entrance automatic door is closed at 23:00. No one except for our customers can enter the hotel after 23:00.

The front staff are mainly women. Please feel free to ask us if you need anything.

Is it possible to stay in the room daytime during my stay?
Of course, you are welcome to. Please feel free to contact to the front desk about the cleaning time.

We will leave your designated bag which has fresh towels in front of your room door when you do not wish to be disturbed.

Is there any service for children?
The same stay price applies to people of elementary school age up. It costs 500 yen for children under elementary school age to stay per night. Face towels, bath towels, and pillows are provided for children as well.

A crib is available for rental. For an infant under the age of 1 year・reservation required・free of charge

Is it possible to attach two beds of twin room?
We receive many requests from guests like “We would like to attach two beds in a twin room because our child is too small and will move around while sleeping.”

Please feel free to make a request with us. We can arrange beds like in the picture below.

However, the heights of the beds might be slightly different. Please understand.

I would like to take a rest because I am tired. Is it possible to use day-use stay until my departure?
Please contact us by TEL or e-mail at least 1 day before short stay.
You can stay from 7:00 to 22:00 for the night on the day.
If you pass 22:00, you will be charged another night.
I regularly stay for business trips every week. May I keep my baggage with you until my next stay?
Yes, we can hold it for you. Please feel free to request this of us. We will deliver your baggage to your room at the next time of your stay.
Are there any facilities for a physically handicapped person?

I am afraid that we are not adequately equipped to deal with all handicap needs since the hotel was established and furnished in 1980s. We offer our sincerest apologies.

We would like to cooperate as much as possible. Please feel free to contact us.

What about cancellation policy?
Customers are expected to pay:
no notice/no show: 100% the total price of accommodation
The day of check-in: 100% of the total price of accommodation
From 2 days before the intended check-in day: 80% of the total price of accommodation
From 5 days before the intended check-in day: 70% of the total price of accommodation
From 10 days before the intended check-in day: 50% of the total price of accommodation


About in-house facilities

Are there a toothbrush, pajamas, and towels provided?
Yes, there are. We have convenient amenities available so you may feel prepared even in the case of a sudden urgent stay.

What kind of beds, pillows, and futons do rooms have?
Beds are domestically produced with pocket coil mattresses and bed bases made by NIHON BED.

Futons are towafill futon produced by FOREVER INC. (a famous Japanese company which sells medical beddings as well as home electrical appliances and items). Towafill futons are hygienic, lightweight, and highly moisturized, and are produced to the high standards of medical beddings production.

We have been using long-selling items which are listed in “Tsuhan Seikatsu”mail order catalog by CATALOGHOUSE LTD. for a long time.

We furnish with 3 types of futon according to the seasons; winter version, spring/autumn, and mid-summer version as well as a mofu (a soft Japanese blanket).

We prepare 2 pillows: feather (standard height) and polyester (slimmer than standard height) for each guest.

Is there a hair dryer?
Rooms include a hair dryer as standard housed in the bathroom.
Is there an iron and trouser press?
Yes. We have an iron and trouser press for rental.

Is there a refrigerator?
Each room is furnished with a refrigerator which is empty. Please feel free to use it during your stay.
Do rooms have an internet connection?
Free Wi-Fi is available for all rooms.
Can I watch TV?
Yes. You can watch Terrestrial digital and BS on TV in a room. There is no VOD system.
Can I wash my clothes?
If you wish to wash your clothes by yourself, a washing machine and drying machine are prepared on the balcony on the second floor. Up to 4.5KG per use. (If you want to wash your clothes more than 4.5KG, please divide them into 2 and use a washing machine twice.)
【a washing machine・drying machine both use】800 yen per once use
【a washing machine】300 yen per once use
【a drying machine】600 yen per once use
(Laundry soap, softener, and bleach are available free of charge.)

【laundry service】
once 1bag 1300 yen

Please bring your underwear and socks in a laundry bag found in your room to the front.
If you hand in your clothes in the morning, we will wash and dry them using a household washing machine and a drying machine and bring them back to you in the evening
Our front staff are house wives prepared to provide you homely service. Please feel free to use this service in place of a coin laundry.

【dry cleaning service】
We will introduce you to a dry cleaner’s shop for business shirts. Please contact the front desk about this service.

Is there a laundromat nearby?
There are two Laundromats in the neighborhood.
Earth Laundry Ningyocho and Mommy Laundry Nihonbashi Ningyocho, both open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I ask for a massage?
We will arrange “Fujikura Massage”which is close to our hotel. Please make a request at the front. 5800 yen (including tax) per hour.
Is it possible to stay with a pet?

Unfortunately, we do not accept pets in our pension. We are afraid that there is no space for keeping a pet. Thank you for your understanding.


About food

What about food?
Please click here for more details.
Is there a restaurant?
“Restaurant Ragout” is on the first floor of Zem. Ragout’s management is different from our hotel.) Please check these websites for more information “Tabelog” and ”Gurunavi”.

Is there a breakfast service?
Drinks such as juices, coffee, black tea, and Japanese tea are available free of charge during breakfast time from 7:00 to 9:30 in the morning. (You can bring them back to your room.)

Please feel free to bring in your own food which can be purchased from nearby stores such as convenience stores if need be.

Toaster ovens and microwave ovens are available in the lounge.

We are prepared with tableware to rent to make dining easier for you.

※7:15~9:15 We sell limited quantities of food such as toast and cereals.

Click here for more details about food.

Can I order a room service or a delivery service?
Please ask at the front.
If you directly order a delivery service such as a delivery pizza, please inform the front.
Is there any places to eat around the hotel?
There are a lot of restaurants within 10 minutes’ walk.
Are there any convenience stores or a supermarket around the area?

Yes. There are 3 shops within 3 minutes’ walk. It is very convenient.

My Basket: an urban small grocery store diagonally in front of our hotel.(8:00~23:00)
PEACOCK STORE: a super market on the first floor of TORNARE NIHONBASHI which is highrise condominium. (open 24 hours)
7-ELEVEN: in Shinohashi street (open 24 hours)



Can I ask for a newspaper?
We will bring you the Nikkei Newspaper (paid). Please make arrangements the day before at the front desk before 23:00. We will bring you the Nikkei Newspaper the following morning.

Is there any discount for a long stay?
This website is the most reasonable price online. Please use this.
Can I ask parcel delivery service?
We offer a parcel delivery service: sending and receiving. Parcels can be sent from our hotel by YAMATO TRANSPORT.
I would like to send a parcel to the hotel. Can you hold it for a while?
Yes. Please contact us in advance when you send something to Zem. We will keep it until your check in.
I live abroad and stay in Japan frequently. Can I send something purchased through online shopping such as Amazon?
Yes. Please inform us in advance that you are planning to receive a parcel in Zem. We cannot accept payment on arrival of a parcel. Please understand.
Is it possible for a high school student to stay by themself?
Yes. We may have to confirm with parents or guardians one day before the stay. Please understand.
What can be found in the neighborhood around the hotel?

There are 3 Tokyo Metro stations and 4 lines, TCAT (a bus terminal to Narita International Airport and Haneda Airport), a bank, a post office, a convenient store, a grocery store, and many restaurants within 10 minutes around the hotel. It is a very convenient location.

We are proud to say this area is a very safe part of Tokyo and has been for a long time.

The owner collects restaurants’ information around the hotel. Please check the owner’s blog.

Taken from the roof top by ROYAL PARK HOTEL.
How far out can I book a reservation?
Within 12 months.
Is there any recommended course for jogging around the hotel?
When you turn left from our hotel and go straight you will arrive at Sumidagawa Terrace riverside walking/jogging track. If you like running by the riverside, it is the best place to run!