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In recent times, it is common for newly opened hotels to have complicated operations, wherein funds accumulate money to invest toward establishing additional hotels. Moreover, the premises owners, operational staff, and managements are distinct, so it is not apparent where responsibility lies. Much to the contrary, our business is operated by its own in-house management, in our own building, running our own store and traditional old-fashioned hotel. Furthermore, we the owners live in the hotel building, which we have lovingly named “Pension”; as such, we treat our guests with “Peace of mind, security, and comfort” which is our motto by which we operate.
We have rooms available from standard single up to twin rooms for up to 4 guests.We do not have any business arrangements or contracts with travel or accommodation agencies, and we pride ourselves on providing a calm and quiet hotel experience for each individual customer.

Type A(For 1 guest)
This is a standard single room.

Type B(For 1 guest)
A corner room ideal for sleep, but unsuitable for desk work owing to limited desk space.

Type C(For 1 guest)
A popular single corner room with a double bed and a sofa to relax on.

Type D(For 1 to 2 guests)
A corner room with a large window facing the southeast that welcomes the pleasant morning sunshine.

Type E(For 1 guest)
A standard double room. 1 person use is also popular.

Type F(For 3 guests)
This is Zem’s largest room allowing it to sleep up to 4 guests.

1003(For 1 guests)
We are offering this room at a special price because the toilet seat with bidet functions is not available in this room. This is a large room.





“Managers, do not overexert yourselves. Let’s all get sufficient rest at night” was a tenet espoused by a founder. However, we do not wish to place a curfew on our guests, so since our inauguration in 1983, we have relied on magnetic stripe key cards to allow checked-in guests entrance to the hotel after 23:00 via the automatic doors.

It is our tradition to ask of all our guests that they check in before 23:00. We do this to cultivate a peaceful environment in our hotel where all guests, even lone women, can feel safe and at ease even late into the night.

Although non-smoking has become common these days, our hotel began adopting no-smoking policies 15 years ago.

We do not rely on cleaning companies to clean our rooms. Our hotel staff thoroughly clean rooms every day.
We always strive to provide our best service for each and every customer.

Card lock key

We adopt perfect security card lock system for all our rooms. With their card key guests can freely come and go within the hotel after 23:00.

Free mineral water

We offer a bottle of mineral water service in your room.

Free amenities

Amenity kits are available free of charge at the front on the second floor. Please feel free to take these back to your room.

Convenience stores and supermarkets

Within 2 minutes’ walk guests can find a “7-ELEVEN”, “SUPERMARKET SEIJOISHII”, and “PEACOCK STORE”, each open 24 hours. Please feel free to bring items purchased at these stores to your room.

It is only 200m from our hotel to Tokyo City Air Terminal.

Approx 55 minutes from Tokyo City Air Terminal to Narita International Airport by limousine bus.

A few minutes’ walk to 3 Tokyo Metro stations and 4 lines!

Great access to all over Tokyo!